Ecological fertilizers
and fodder concentrates

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Company “Kama Sapropel” produces innovative ecological products on the bases of natural agromineral sapropel for different spheres.
Company products are export-oriented and import-substituting.

At the moment fields of application are different:

Production benefits
Organo-mineral fertilizers “Kama Ecomix” and Kama Eco+ benefits:

  • Increase of productivity for 30-150% (depends from cultivation type)
  • Reduction of aging time and improvement of cultivated crop quality
  • Crop growing on szik soil by means of delivering plants with calcium abundance, which protects cellular membrane from salt damage
  • Balanced plant nutrition with all necessary macro and microelements, as azote, phosphorus, kalium, humic and fulfo acids and so on…
  • Other mineral fertilizers treatment savings
  • Soil cleaning from deterious bacteria, funguses, weed seeds by means of natural antibiotics in the specification
  • Soil detoxication, polluted with heavy metals, herbicides, insecticides and other chemical matters
  • Absolute absence of negative consequences while using fertilizers


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