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Organo-mineral fertilizer “Kama Ecomix”

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Organo-mineral fertilizer Kama Ecomix

Useful effect  and advantages of the fertilizer Kama Ecomix

  •    Kama Ecomix provides a high fertilizing effect, stimulates humus formation processes and works as ameliorant with long-lasting effect;
  •    Kama Ecomix fertilizer ensures a high increase in yield. Depending on crops type harvest can be increased as follows: for vegetables – by 100-200%, for grain crops – by 60-100%, for corn – by 100-150%, for potato – by 30-50%, for fruit and berry crops – by 30-40%, for annual and perennial grasses – by 25-30%;
  •    Kama Ecomix fertilizer allows to reduce and even exclude additional application of NPK fertilizers as it has an optimal content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium calculated for different crops;
  •    Kama Ecomix improves water-holding capacity of soil and helps to reduce consumption of water;     
  •    Fertilizer Kama Ecomix prevents from loss of nutrients when applied mineral fertilizers supplying nutrients to plants gradually;
  •    Kama Ecomix allows to grow ecologically pure products free from any heavy metalls, pesticides and nitrates! Even if toxic matters originally exist in soil they are absorded by sapropel having no access to plants;  
  •    Kama Ecomix fertilizer is free from any any pathogen microgerms, weed seeds and nematodes;
  •    Kama Ecomix facilitates soil self-cleaning from deleterious microorganisms and makes plants more resistable to fungus diseases due to the content of natural antibiotics including natural silver (argentum naturalis);  

  Kama Ecomix makes the appearance of grown products more attractive and extends their storage life.

Delivery: in all regions of Russia, the export (different modes of transport).

Packaging: 5-liter bag, 50 l., Big bag of 1000 liters.

Pricing: The price includes the cost of production, packaging, loading operations, VAT.

Regarding specification of the price and delivery terms, you can contact our sales department by phone: +7 (8552) 79-42-37, 211-120