Ecological fertilizers
and fodder concentrates

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Main / Advantages

Organo-mineral fertilizers “Kama Ecomix” and Kama Eco+ benefits:

  • Increase of productivity for 30-150% (depends from cultivation type)
  • Reduction of aging time and improvement of cultivated crop quality
  • Crop growing on szik soil by means of delivering plants with calcium abundance, which protects cellular membrane from salt damage
  • Balanced plant nutrition with all necessary macro and microelements, as azote, phosphorus, kalium, humic and fulfo acids and so on…
  • Other mineral fertilizers treatment savings
  • Soil cleaning from deterious bacteria, funguses, weed seeds by means of natural antibiotics in the specification
  • Soil detoxication, polluted with heavy metals, herbicides, insecticides and other chemical matters
  • Absolute absence of negative consequences while using fertilizers.

Feed concentrates VMC/AVMC/PVMC “Sapromix”

  • Increases cattle, pigs and birds productivity (raise of yield, weight, rears survival)
  • Cuts the cost of food ration, escalates profitability for 1 ruble of investitures
  • Contributes to better work of reproductive system and revival of animal productive function
  • Guarantees different  types of farm animals disease prevention
  • Safe- lack of glut, by-effect, contra indications.

Energo-proteine concentrate (EPC):

  • Enriches feed with protein and energy;
  • Provides organism with effective use of nitrogen
  • Guarantees high rate of productivity while feeding farm animals.

Full-fat extruded soya bean:

In birds feeding:

  • Cuts the cost of food ration in 5-12%
  • Raises birds productivity (haying hen)
  • Increases egg’s size, quality of shell;
  • Promotes metabolism;
  • Guarantees  dressed chicken’s fatness maintenance;
  • Elevates biological value of fatty dressed chicken for a human.

In cattle’s feeding:

  • Raises quality of milk (cheese, butter, sour cream and so on)
  • Increases yield, weight;
  • Guarantees absence of weight loss during period of lactation;
  • Elevates reare’s immune resistance;
  • Cuts cost for feed ration.

In pig’s feeding:

  • Raises daily average of weight;
  • For 1kg of augmentation cuts cost in twice and more;
  • For using it in feed  of animal origin Reduces cost  in 20-30%
  • Increases she-pig’s reproductive functions
  • Guarantees feed’s  import phase-out.

Enriched filler for premixes:

  • Elevates animal’s  immune resistance;
  • Contributes to better work of endocrine and hemopoietic system;
  • Intensifies metabolic processes;
  • Contains low well assimilated macro and micro elements, organic and nutritional chemicals.

Sorbent-ameliorant on the bases of sapropel:

  • Guarantees high sorption of oil pollution  from ground and water surface, heavy metals and other pollutants by means of using mechanical and phisico-chemical presorption
  • Under static condition absorbs more than 80% from metals’ starting point (cuprum, zink,  nickel, lead, radioactive cesium and etc.;
  • Engroges metals (in the presence of oil-product), what is important in the process of  cleaning up polluted soils
  • Cuts cost of cleaning up  oil polluted soils  and it’s postreduction prominently;
  • Provides ameliorative long-lasting fertilizer effect ;
  • Ensures fundamental improvement of structure and physic-chemical  soil quality.

Modified starch “RemoKam”:

  • Is suitable for all formulae of boring fluid;
  • Has optimal flow for reaching necessary effect;
  • According to its quality coefficients  is not inferior to other manufacturers’ domestic equivalents, but economically profitable.