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PVMC, VMC “Sapromix” for pigs

Ecological feeding concentrates VMC and VPMC “Sapromix” for pigs

“Sapromix” is developed by russian scientific universities together with  company “Kamskie sapropel”. Food concentrates “Sapromix” is manufactured at new factory in ecological area of Russia. “Sapromix” can be:

Vitamin- mineral concentrate (VMC)

Protein-vitamin-mineral concentrate (PVMC)

“Sapromix is a complex feed additive used for farm animals ration enrichment with protein, macro- and microelements, amino acids, enzymes and other natural and chemical promoting agents. Feed additives “Sapromix” is added to all-mash and its concentrates for all species. 

Feed concentrates and additives manufacture technology with sapropel as a basic component

Feed concentrates and additives with sapropel manufacture technology

There is a simplified technological process:

Cereal materials, press cakes and other components  loading is manufactured  in the working bean with the help of  dump pit and transportation equipment.

Protein meal loads to bean, dump pit and transportation equipment.

Sapropel loading is made in the planning department. After drying sapropel is cleaned from foreign substances and is delivered to the production shop to the working bean.

With the help of transportation equipment extruded grain mixture is moved to a working bean.

Loading of micro components materials is made by loading station and distributional circles directly to working bean.

After loading of all components, dosing process starts, according to given recipe. Dosing of serial components is made by screw to the working bean. Further, a part of dosed components is given to blending and milling area.

Milled grain mixture goes to extrusion line and after that to the working bean.

Dosing of main macro components (extruded grain mixture, sapropel and protein meal) is made by screws to the working bean. Further, part of dosed components goes to the milling area.

Dosing of micro components is manufactured by micro dosing units; part of dosed components does to conveyor.

A part of main milled and micro components is transferred to collecting conveyor. After it, a part of all dosed components is given to the  blending area. Operator fixes blending time. Normally, it is 120-180 seconds.

Ready-made mixture (premix) is given to packing area. Products are packed into 15-50 l bags.

Dosing, blending and milling departments are optimized for 10 working cycles per  hour. Each cycle produces 500 kg. Thus, lone production is 5t/h.

Operator manages all technological processes.