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Energo-proteine concentrate (EPC)

Energo-protein concentrate (EPC)

Applocation field:

Energo-protein concentrate is used for feeding milk cows and calves older than 6 months.

The main problem of modern livestock:

  • Energetically exhausted rations;
  • Low fodder eatability,

what leans to reduce of  milking herd productivity.

For this problem solutions high protein concentrates are used (especially while feeding heavy milking cows), what lead to different diseases and early scrapping of animals.

“Kamskiy Sapropel” company suggests new solution - energo-protein concentrate (EPC). It is produced by extrusion of grain components. Fodder has a good look, pleasant smell what guarantees high eatability. 

Energo-protein concentrate (EPC) benefits

In the extrusion process level of shugar rises for 30-90%, carbamide melts under the high temperature,

The product is obtained by components extrusion. In the process of extrusion sugar level increases in 30-90%, under the high temperature carbamide fuses, is surrounded and becomes inaccessible for urease, which provides slow release of ammonia and more effective nitrogen use in animals’ organism. Carbohydrate status creates favorable conditions for microorganism evolution and bacterial protein production.

Usage of rapes oilseeds enriches products with plant protein and energy.