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Modified starch “RemoKam”

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Reagent modified for drilling fluids

General information

Reagent relates to drilling fluids used for drilling oil and gas wells, and more particularly to reagents stabilizers for processing water-based drilling fluids. The technical using result is to improve mud by reducing its filtration rate and increase efferent capacity while reducing the consumption of starch. Reagent for processing of drilling fluid comprises an extrusion cornstarch.

The most common practice is the drilling of wells, such reagent- stabilizer carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC).

However, it is expensive reagent and it is insufficiently stable under polymineral aggression. Furthermore, solutions treated with CMC have usually low value of structural and mechanical properties, what deteriorates the removal of cuttings from the borehole bottom, especially of the horizontal section.

Therefore, at present more and more starch reagents are beginning to be used as a stabilizer muds obtained from natural raw materials (potatoes, corn, wheat, etc.). The starch reagents are much cheaper CMC, salt resistant, not subject to rapid biodegradation. Therefore, they are often modified by various chemical compounds, aniline, phenol, formaldehyde, and others. All of these modifiers are highly toxic substances and, therefore, dangerous for operating personnel and the environment.

Modified starch "RemoKam"

Modified starch "RemoKam" (hereinafter - the chemical product), for use in the oil and gas industry, in the process of building and repair of oil, gas wells as an additive to drilling fluids, in order to regulate the filtration of clay and clay-free drilling fluids, water basis with varying degrees of salinity.

Chemical product is a modified swellable starch obtained from starch produced from potato, corn and  or other natural materials by extrusion modification, by extruding with chemical modifiers, or thermochemical heterophasic gelatinization on a roller dryer with chemical modifiers.

The chemical product is compatible with all the mud formulation. Total consumption in order to achieve the desired effect is 10-30 kg / cu. m, depending on the type of drilling fluid.

Modified starch "RemoKam" is produced according to TU 2458-003-65515181-2014.

Physico-chemical characteristics:



1.Appearance , 200 С

Consistent  white(yellowish tinge  is acceptable)  powder with characteristic odor

2.Mass content, %, less than


3. Hydrogen ion concentration 1% of water solution (рН), U.


4. Thickness on Brookfield viscometer, 5% suspension, 100 rev/min, мПа*с, min