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Mineral-organic fertilizer Kama Eco+

Mineral-organic fertilizer Kama Eco+

Kama Eco+ is a universal minertal-organic eco-friendly fertilizer with prolonged effect. Fertilizer Kama Eco+ is allowed for application in organic farming according to international certificates of conformity No. 10193/11.10/1281-RU and No. А-2012-01573/2012-03688-03689/0579 issued by BCS OKO Garantie GmbH German Certifying Agency. The product is meant for application under any natural and geographical conditions as the main fertilizer in unblended state and as a component for preparing fertilizing mixtures.


Fertilizer Kama Eco+ is manufactured of natural material – sapropel which is extracted from Lake Beloye located in Tukaevskiy region of Tatarstan Republic in Russian Federation. We have all permissions and licenses issued by state and governmental bodies for the development of natural sapropel deposits of Lake Beloye.

Sapropel is multi-century bottom deposits of fresh water basins which have a complex mineral-organic composition created by a unique natural synthesis of flora and fauna remains in specific underwater conditions without the access of oxygen.


Fertilizer Kama Eco+ is applied to all agricultural and garden crops with the purpose to increase soil fertility and crops yield, to improve quality of grown products, to landscape different territories  as well as to improve and recultivate low-productive agricultural land.  Main fields of Kama Eco+ application are the following: farming industry, gardening, flower-growing, municipal planting, household plots.

Useful effect of Kama Eco+

Fertilizer Kama Eco+ contains natural complex of humus matters including humic and fulvic acids as well as amino acids which are involved in soil structure creation and work as irreplaceable elements for soil fertility formation.

Kama Eco+ improves mechanical and aggregate composition of soil, its agrochemical properties. Sapropel works to regulate soil pH, to increase content of nutrients, to enhance water-absorbing and water-holding capacities of soil, to improve water and air conditions of soil, to activate processes in soil and to enrich soil with humus.

Kama Eco+ contains all vital macro and micro elements for plants which are naturally provided in optimal biologic ratio and slightly soluble condition that helps to avoid overnutrition and undernutrition of plants and finally has a favourable effect on yield and quality of agricultural products.

Increase in yield by 40-100% depending on crops type!

Rich content of natural minerals in Kama Eco+ allows to reduce application of chemical mineral fertilizers by several times that also effects positively on soil condition and quality of cultivated crops.

High water-holding capacity of Kama Eco+ provides water consumption for watering lowered by 2 and more times.

Kama Eco+ has a strong absorbing capacity, it can clean soil from heavy metals, pesticides, nitrates and other chemical pollutants. Plants grown on soil fertilized by Kama Eco+ are free from any heavy metals, pesticides and nitrates.

Due to natural antibiotics content Kama Eco+ facilitates soil self-cleanup from pathogen bacteria and harmful plants as well as improves resistance of plants to diseases cased by various fungi. 

Production of Kama Eco+

Fertilizer Kama Eco+ is manufactured in friable and pelleted condition. To get finished product raw sapropel is processed by natural and mechanical means. Finished Kama Eco+ products are packed into 5l packets, 50 l bags and 1000l big bags. 

! We do not use any chemicals and other additives in the manufacture process.