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Organo-mineral fertilizer Kama Ecomix

Organo-mineral fertilizer Kama Ecomix

Organo-mineral ecollogically clean fertilizers Kama Ecomix with prolonged effect are produced with sapropel from Beloye lake as a basic component. Fertilizers Kama Ecomix have increased content of organic matter and key nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Content and ratio of basic nutrients and organic matter are optimally modified depending on type of cultivated crops and soil characteristics.   

Organo-mineral fertilizers Kama Ecomix provide not only a high fertilizing effect but laso stimulate humus formation processes, enhance water-holding capacity of soil and work as a meliorant with long-lasting effect.   

Fertilizers Kama Ecomix prevent from loss of nutrients when applied mineral fertilizers supplying nutrients to plants gradually. Products grown with the use of Kama Ecomix fertilizers are ecologically pure and free from any heavy metalls, pesticides and nitrates! Even if toxic matters originally exist in soil they are absorded by sapropel having no access to plants.  

Kama Ecomix fertilizers do not contain any pathogen microgerms. Due to the content of natural antibiotics including natural silver (argentum naturalis) Kama Ecomix facilitates soil self-cleaning from deleterious microorganisms and makes plants more resistable to fungus diseases as well.  

Organo-mineral fertilizers Kama Ecomix based on sapropel can be applied for all types of soil and all kinds of crops. Yield of vegetables can be increased by 100-200%, of corn – by 100-150%, of potato –by 30-50%, of fruit and berry crops – by 30-40%, of annual and perennial grasses – by 25-30%.  Appearance of the products grown becomes more attractive and storage life gets longer.