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Sapropel feeding additive

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Sapropel  feeding additive


Sapropel feeding additive is manufactured of natural material – sapropel which is extracted from Lake Beloye located in Tukaevskiy region of Tatarstan Republic in Russian Federation.


Feed sapropel is applied as extra fodder to diets of all groups of farm animals and birds in friable condition with humidity up to 60% and in pelleted (granulated) condition with humidity up to 20%.  

Sapropel additive is used to enrich diets of farm animals and birds with mineral matters, amino acids, vitamins and bioactive matters.  

Dry feeding sapropel can be applied in production of combined fodders of all types as mineral-organic feeding additive and in production of vitamin premixes  as a filler with high nutritious value.

Useful properties of sapropel feeding additive:

• rich content of mineral matters, amino acids, fulvic acids, vitamins and bioactive matters;  

• prevention from vitamin defficiency;

• stronger resistance to various diseases;

• increased productivity of farm animals and birds;

• improved digestion functions and assimilation of useful matters contained in compound feeds;

• shortage of service period;

• extended preservation time of vitamins in premixes.