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Sapropel extraction

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Technological process of sapropel extraction is following:

Sapropel is extracted from Lake Beloe in Tatarstan, Russia. It is made with the help of the crane boat, which takes dry sapropel from the floor and ships it to the barge.

Then, sapropel is disembarked to the special place for storage. First, it is kept in the storage ground temporally.  From the storage ground sapropel is carried to land  for natural freezing, where it is kept 50-70 sm. – deep layer during winter.

Low temperatures help to reduce sapropel humidity (80-90%) in 60%, what allows to use it in manufacture. In spring overfrozen  sapropel is kept in the storage bunker, where the following moisture disengagement take place.

For breakage and withdrawal of  big stones and lumps of wood, extruded from lakes bed, overfrozen sapropel is sifted through a special scoop produced by “Roby” company.